Vital Information Before Ordering

- Domestic orders only, we do not have permits to ship our product outside the U.S.

- Seedlings will be shipped in pot. Larger plants will be shipped bare root, with roots wrapped in damp sphagnum moss or shredded waxed paper. During warm weather, plants and flasks can be shipped either USPS Priority Mail or Fedex/UPS Ground. At our discretion, winter shipments may be held until a safe shipping window is available. Additional charges will be assessed for expedited shipping if requested.

- Community pots ("compots") contain a minimum of 15 seedlings unless otherwise noted, and should be grown an additional 4-6 months prior to potting into individual pots.

- Flasks are made of sturdy clear or translucent plastic, 500 ml in volume and contain a minimum of 20 seedlings unless otherwise noted.

- There are no packing and shipping charges if we are able to deliver your orders at one of the shows we attend.

- We make every effort to label our plants accurately, but mistakes can occur. We will do everything possible to correct the situation.

- Winter Shipping: We will add $ 10 to each order requiring heat packs and/or Styrofoam insulation to prevent cold damage in transit


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